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Welcome to our ragtag podcast. One of the unexpected pleasures of the past year of lockdowns and nightmares has been sharing some of our favorite movies with our daughter.  We've always been close and shared lots of movies (both kids movies and some not), but, this time without blockbusters or rep houses choosing for us, we actually turned back to our prodigous DVD collection and started her real education, and she's positively flourished. The conversations we have after each movie have been surprising, smart, and, I think, pretty funny.  Hopefully you agree. 


Feb 15, 2021

For Black History Month, we've asked some of our friends to recommend movies that inspired them, that we can share with Little Miss Movies. This week, comic book writer/artist Rob Guillory (Chew, Farmhand) turns onto Walter Mosley's hardboiled character Easy Rawlins with the film adaptation of Devil in a Blue Dress.  

Episode art by Gable Fialkov. 

Series art and logo by Gabo. Visit him at:

Original Series music by Gibby and the Flying Vs.